Well, that all depends on who you ask? But since Nothing but Trouble after Midnight is already in the hands of some students and on the shelves of bookstores, then I say it has been released. However, Amazon is showing a November 2nd release; my publisher has it listed on their site—but it’s still not ready for orders; and Barnes & Noble is giving a much later date—November 16th.  

Why so many variations? Well, the book finished weeks ahead of schedule, and I have been bringing the book to schools and bookstores already; and I will continue doing so, even as the book becomes available on the various on-line retailers.

Now, If you intend to order from Barnes & Noble, please, please, please do so inside the store. It doesn’t matter if it is in stock or not, this helps with my store sales, which ultimately decides if they will carry this book or future titles in the series.

Thanks for your interest and support!

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