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Some authors have blogs and some do not, and I was wondering if that’s because not all writers make good bloggers.

I have a blog…now, since I was told it was a rite of passage to authordom. So, I posted some pics, the back cover text, and a few chapter excerpts on there, and now that the book is out, I am left thinking, “Now what?”

Many of you have blogs out there. Good ones, I know, since I stop by and read them with awe. You are great sources for freebies and hot topics. I feel like I get to know you better through your blog, but maybe I just don’t know where to begin. Or just maybe….some authors make bad bloggers…

Okay, share your opinion, or better yet, share your successes with your blog. I–and my two blog followers–will thank you! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Could a good writer be a bad blogger?

  1. Hi Kim,

    For me, my blog has been around a lot longer than my books, so it’s purpose has morphed a bit over the last year. It started out to just be a way to share my passions in life and thus doing so also satisfying my “itch” to write creatively. Through doing this I’ve made online blogging friends and have established many followers of my blog over the years.

    However since writing curriculum now I’m also using it as a marketing tool. I think customers like to connect with writers on a more personal level and a blog/website is a great way to do that. I don’t think that your blog has to be ONLY about your books or writing, it could just be little snippets of things you’d like to share about your life and the world around you.

    There’s no doubt that you are an excellent writer, and having a blog can give you another venue to showcase that as well. Again, keeping the doors open for your blog to be about other things as well as your books would give you much more subjects to write on.

    Perhaps you could add a cover image with link of your book to your sidebar towards the top, always keeping that as a showcase and then feeling free to write and share about whatever.

    From a consumer’s perspective I love to connect with writers on their websites/blogs by reading their entries and seeing that they are indeed a “real” person! LOL And it can be, in time, a fabulous marketing tool.

    I hope this is helpful! But I don’t think it’s that you are a bad blogger, I think you just need to find a place to begin…

    Blessings, Melissa

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