Welcome, Teachers!

Here is a simple lesson idea for middle/high school students. Have your students read chapter excerpts from Nothing but Trouble after Midnight on this blog, discuss them in your class, and complete these simple prompts:

Also, check out the “Teacher” page on the right for more information about using Nothing but Trouble after Midnight in your classroom.

  • Chapter One: Key Players

After reading the first chapter, consider some of the embarassing moments in your life. Pick one that stands out to you and tell about it. How old were you? Who else was there? Do people still bring up this event, and if so, how do you feel about it now?

  • Chapter Two: First Impressions

In chapter two, Chloe recounts her first impression of Austin Walker. Whenever you meet someone, you develop a first impression. Think of a first impression of someone you know well, and without giving names, explain how it changed–for better or worse–after you got to know the person better.

  • Chapter Three: Better Than Hallmark

In the third chapter, Chloe expresses her gratitude to Rob with a drawing. There are many ways to show your appreciation for someone else. Now think of someone who deserves your gratitude and plan a way to thank him. You could draft a simple thank-you note, make a card, or create your own idea.

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