Most families have traditions–especially around the holidays, and tonight my family gathered for one of ours. Every year, as my two children unpack their ornaments, I explain who gave them each one, and with cups of egg nog and fresh-baked goodies to snack on, I videotape my children as they hang the ornaments on the tree.  

This year, though, marked a milestone for both of them, since no one needed any help hanging the ornaments on the tree. So with a sad sigh, I hit rewind and go back a few years, watching as each child–with the help of a parent–hangs their first ornament on the tree. 

Yes, Christmases go by so quickly, and after all the busyness of the season, we are just left with those memories. So for me and my family, the annual ornament video is the way we capture each passing year. 

Happy Holidays to you, and I hope you find a way to capture the spirit of the season with your family…

5 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. I love your tradition! We just started a new tradition last year of getting a real tree for Christmas. There’s a tree farm just a few miles down the road from us where you can cut your own tree. They have a lovely little barn where you come into and can warm up by the old fashioned heatstove and have hot chocolate and cookies. It’s such a lovely time!

  2. Same here this year–they did a great job. Only I didn’t have time to get the video camera out because they were so impatient for me to unwrap. I should have just set of the camera but didn’t think about it. 😦

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