As a former teacher, Kimberly enjoys returning to the classroom as an author. She creates presentations to meet the individual needs of each classroom and schedules author appearances to coincide with the teaching of the novel.
Kimberly is available for author events at libraries and loves to give readings of her book.
Kimberly is available for both author signings and readings, and she schedules her bookstore appearances to coincide with her various school and library events in an area.
For more information about scheduling an event, please comment below or contact:
Ann Williams, M.S. Ed 

2 thoughts on “Author Events

  1. Wow! NBTAM is first teen book to abacinate me! 🙂

    I’m glad you could use pic on wall of you & Jonathan at signing.

    Superb writing, oh “Teach”–but 20 questions about it:

    #1 How/when #2 of 7? What can you reveal? Chloe & Rob in it?

    1. Thanks, Carl–for the compliments and for the picture!

      As for #2, it is underway (set to release at the end of the year), and yes, Rob and Chloe will be in it. Their story is far from over.

      Keep in touch, and my best wishes for the new year!


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