Book Signing: Barnes & Noble (Florence, KY)

If you live in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area, please stop by the Barnes & Noble (Florence, KY) on Saturday, February 13th. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll be there from 2-4, and I would prefer not to be there by myself.

Here’s the link to the store calendar, and if you have younger children, they have story time at 3:30. You can make a day of it! 🙂

4 Comments on “Book Signing: Barnes & Noble (Florence, KY)

  1. Have a great signing, Kimberly. Wish I could be there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate your kind words.

  2. Sure enjoyed seeing you! And looking forward to getting to spend a little more time with you in March.

    Your blog is looking great, by the way!

    Love, Melissa

    • Thank you, Melissa. It was great to see you, and I appreciate your kind words about the blog. Your blog is still one of my favorites: I always learn something every time I stop by!

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