Blog Tour: Confessions of a Debut Author (Day One)

-Getting Started-

“Being risk adverse is natural. But avoid all risks, and you avoid all rewards.” Those were the exact words my father said to me a week ago. Yes, I wrote them down, since I often take notes when I speak to him: he is quite quotable—something like a modern-day Benjamin Franklin.

Even though my father and I were having a risk-versus-gain financial discussion, it reminded me of a similar chat we had over a year ago—one that involved publishing my first novel. And in order to pursue my dream of becoming an author, I had to focus on the reward—not the risk.

We all know the risks of becoming an author; they are essentially the same in any business venture. Yet we have to overcome our fears and not decide it is better to dream than to try and not succeed. For many writers, keeping their manuscript hidden is safer. I have often wondered if, perhaps, some of the best books ever written will never be read. Those books are hidden inside computers or journals—much like buried treasure.  

In the last few months, many people, friends and strangers, have shared their dreams of becoming an author. Some have a completed manuscript; others just have an idea for a book. As a former teacher, I try to encourage them, since writing a book is a very attainable—and rewarding—experience.  

Yet for every published author, the reward is something different. As for me, I treasure the opportunity to return to the classroom as an author. And for you, it could be something else; of course, the only way to find out is to take that risk.  

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8 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Confessions of a Debut Author (Day One)

  1. You’re so right, Kimberly. If you don’t take a chance, you’ll never know what you might accomplish. Great post. Thanks.

  2. Great words of advice! I started out in my young years as being more of a risk-taker. Honestly, I’d “jump” at opportunities and dreams pretty easily. But I’ve since learned to put on the brakes and be a little more conservative. I’ve found more of a middle ground to be a comfortable place. But sometimes I miss that more “spotaneous” Gal!

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