Poet. Songwriter. Singer. Friend. Lindsey Kelly made her songwriting debut on Sister Hazel’s Release album with her ballad “Better Way.” Her poetry, reflective and  romantic, illustrates the matters of the heart with vivid imagery. “My Heart Resides in You,” which was recited at a mutual friend’s wedding, is one of my favorite selections.

If you would like to learn more about Lindsey Kelly, follow the link to her website: http://www.lindseykelly.com/

“My Heart Resides in You”
by Lindsey Kelly

My heart resides in you
always it will stay
for no longer do I
nor want
nor care
it be anywhere
other than there
As you are my love-
my one
with God I share-
forever you will
always be
For it is your eyes
I search to see
when I wake from sleep
It is your arms
wrapped around me
which make my
soul complete
With this comes
the greatest gift
God gives
to me-
I send to you-
My love-
in You-
my heart will be

Lindsey Kelly – “My Heart Resides in You” (Jul 3, 2006)

11 thoughts on “Guest Poet #1: Lindsey Kelly

  1. I visited Lindsey’s website before commenting. Great poetry and prose! “Alone” is very short and to the point.

    Great choice, Kimberly, thank you!

    1. Thank you. I’m sure that means a lot coming from a fellow poet!

      I look forward to posting your poem this week, It really touched me, and I know it will speak to others as well!

  2. Kim, that was fantastic. Lindsey is very, very talented. This one really touches you about TRUE love…….I loved it…….I used to know a love like this, but after 15 years of marriage…..it kinda fades away a littel bit……but this reminded me of how things used to be and how things could be again……thanks for the post….It was great….


    1. Thank you, Tom. Lindsey is very talented and inspired me to start writing again. I owe A LOT to her.

      Yes, some feelings may fade as love changes or–shall we say?–matures. 15 years creates a trust and understanding between two people that cannot be duplicated. I’m glad it spoke to you…

  3. Thank you sweet Kim! You are too cute for including one of my poems for your salute to poetry month. I do appreciate such sharing as you know. Thank you also Ruthi and Tom for the nice comments and visiting my website. I hear you both are poets/songwriters yourselves. That’s wonderful! Best wishes to you all! And another note, Kim, you inspire me as well! Lovesies!

    1. What is a “salute to poetry” without including you, my friend? I’ve read more of your poetry than any other poet in recorded history.

      And yes, I agree “inspiration” is a two-way street here.

      And I’m featuring songs next month: I want to feature “Strangers” since you are the recording artist and “Better Way” (Sister Hazel’s version). Yep, it’ll be Musical May.

      And be at Borders (Altamonte Springs) at 7 on the 7th (of May that is). 🙂

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