John Beck was born in Titusville, PA in 1938 and moved with his family (at age 3 1/2) to Sturgeon Bay, WI, where he resides today. He had a passing interest in poetry in school but focused on training for a profession as a physician. After a 2 1/2 year tour of active duty in the US Navy as a Flight Surgeon and Naval Parachutist he returned to Sturgeon Bay and practiced family medicine with his father until Parkinson’s disease forced his father’s retirement. Now semi-retired as physician electronic health record advisor with part time clinical practice, John has found time to do some writing. Through the Gather social network he has been experimenting with new poetry forms as well as writing some short prose. Read more of John’s poetry at:



I’ve climbed a mountain, sailed the lakes

I’ve taken chances, some high stakes.

I’ve had my chance to stray and roam

And now at last I’m coming home.


I’ve jumped from aircraft, skied the slopes

Pursued some dreams, desires and hopes

I’ve tilled the clay, the sand, the loam

And now at last I’m coming home.


I’ve walked the desert, hiked the trails

I’ve ridden horses, tossed some bales

Learned of the sky from Adler’s dome

And now at last I’m coming home.


I’ve crossed the country east to west

I’ve watched the clouds from Teton’s crest

I’ve been to Oslo, never Rome

And now at last I’m coming home.


I’ve been a babe with loving mom

I’ve been a kid with dad so calm

I’ve been a teen with hair to comb

And now at last I’m coming home.

This poem is an example of a kyrielle. Learn more about this form of poetry at:

9 thoughts on “Guest Poet #2: John Beck

    1. The honor is all mine, John. From the first time you commented on my Gather posts, I have always valued your insight. Thank you for all your comments. Thank you for reading NBTAM and offering a thoughtful review. My best wishes for continued writing. You know I’ll be “first in line” to buy your book.

  1. Hey Kim, Sorry I am a day behind, but you know….life gets in the way….but everything is cool now….. I really, really loved this poem. It reminds me that I still have lots of places to see and things to do. I sometimes get stuck with the day to day mentality that I am 37 years old, I have a house, a family and a job, so there is nothing else left in life but to pay taxes and die. But I know that is not true…..This poem, really got me thinking and I have actually started a “bucket list” if I can call it that of all the things I HAVE done, and all of the things I still have to do………Thank you Kim and thank you Mr. Beck…..You have really touched me. God bless you both….

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