I’ll save you the trouble of the google search because you won’t find Elle Veady anywhere on the Internet. When asked to post her poem, she said, “This would be my pen name if I ever decide to be an author someday.” šŸ™‚
American Sky
by: Elle Veady

Whence did thou come
upon the wakening sea
and spread from coast to coast
a symbol of freedom be
Upon your early dawn
didst thou shine so bright
a heavenly glow
sending forth a glorious light
Throughout your youth
thy splendor did not fade
for even in the shadows
could one see the luminous day
Twas a promise unknown-
of emancipated privilege
unfolding deliberately beneath
thy sovereign expanses
Even the storms that raged
could not deny thee
the beauty that was beheld
nothing could thy allure defeat
Yet thy azure solemnity
and refulgent golden hues
are found in evanescence
as the vacant obscurity ensues
And left to wonder are we that trod
confounded by the how and why
and we wait in vigilant duty
for the new dawning of our American sky

8 thoughts on “Guest Poet #3: Elle Veady

      1. Every now and then I think about it, but I’m not really a poet. It takes a special talent that’s lacking in me, so I’ll just enjoy reading others. šŸ™‚

  1. I really like your word choices, and none seem at all forced. The poem flows smoothly. Very well written.

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