As I post the final guest poet this evening, I would like to thank all the featured poets and the readers for their comments. Originally I was going to post one my poems tonight, but I discovered an amazing poet on Gather this week. Sadly, in the correspondance, I never asked her name: I only know her as Just Me~I’m happy to be.

About the Poet: I am a single mother, daughter, sister, teacher, lover of life and one of my greatest passions is writing. Read more of her poems at:


When I need to remember
the goodness of the world
I simply look
into your warm, sweet eyes
brimming over with desire
Feel the touch of
your fingertips
on the curve of my spine
Your lips
at the base of my pale white neck
where my pulse rises
to greet your hungry mouth
Such a tremendous comfort
to know

you are willing to
linger here with me
as I shiver
for as long as I want
or need
even when my world
spins out of control
You are here
keeping me safe
holding me
in the sweet crush
of your generously strong arms

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