On my first Mother’s Day, I created a scrapbook and gave it to my mother, and inside the album, I included this poem. My mother was kind enough to email it to me this week. Of all the poems I’ve ever written, this one means the most to me–since it means so much to my mom!


Mother…..the gentle name rolls of F

Of the lips and lingers in the aiR

Traveling with vigor into all hearts, yet I

Have been blessed to know a more impervious forcE

Encircling the unity of two womeN

Reserved for a mother who transcends into a frienD

~Your Turn~ 

Think of two words–with the same number of letters and a thematic connection–and create a double word poem. If possible, write it with someone in mind. Remember to bold-face the first and last letter of each line, and submit your poem as a comment below. Good luck!


16 thoughts on “Poetry Workshop #3: Double Word Poetry

  1. Ah! But you’ve been a wonderfully fresh inspiration to me this week, so thank you Kimberly!

    I’m thinkin’ you should start a poetry prompt blog or a poetry prompt Gather group..:-)

  2. Hearts Lovers
    Tom Arnold

    Happy with your best paL
    Eager to not be solO
    Alien to this word luV
    Ready to see what shall bE
    Taking chances to always remembeR
    So eager for that first kisS

    I don’t know if this really works or not, Kim and Ruth, both of yours rhymed and had a special flow to your pieces, mine seems choppy and out of sync. This is my first try at a Double Word. I never knew they existed. I am thankful to you Kim for making me aware. This type of poem makes you think and really work to get things right. I never let people read my stuff ever since I left Nashville because I never thought it was good enough. But Kim, I feel comfortable around you and your friends. So you are helping me get out of my shell and live a little. To me it doesn’t matter if anyone likes this particular poem or not. It was a good learning experience for me and I will keep at it till I get it right…..Thanks again Kim… 🙂

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