Bio: Christina Hedges was born on April 17, 1995 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She currently attends Batavia High School (Batavia, Ohio) as a freshman. She enjoys playing guitar, clarinet and creating music from her heart, as well as creating works of literature.


“Your Lovely Dreams”

Christina Hedges


With a light that just won’t appear

Engulfed in the darkness created by man

A place where there is no love, joy, or harmony

Only anger, hate, and fear reside

The unknown flies and scurries to exploit you

The trick in your head are lies

Anything you were ever told are lies.

Running away from nothing

Heading towards nothing

What has the world come down to?

The fire in people’s eyes

Exploiting other peoples lives

Gossip, drama, blackmail, all lies.

There is only one place that matters,

Where you can hide,

Where you can play,

Where no one can hurt you,

Only resides in your lovely dreams

6 thoughts on “Young Poet #1: Christina Hedges

  1. Hi Christina! I have to agree with Mrs Cox. Your poem is quiet lovely. You bring your reader full circle from the darkness into the light which is “in your lovely dreams” …I really could feel your passion in your words…. You have done a great job. Keep up the good work….

  2. Wonderful poem Christina. There is much beyond the superficial. You are a fine observer and intuitive of the inner workings of the mind. It may be an interesting poem for you to revisit years later…quite metaphysical…thank you for sharing.
    BTW, good luck with your musical gifts as well!

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