When I was a teacher, I used to assign freewriting to my students, which is writing freely for a certain amount of time. The point is to get out the words, the thoughts, and overcome writing inhibitions. The technique, oddly enough, encourages students to write and not worry about grammar and conventions, but just to express their thoughts. That is where the “free” comes in. It was a liberating approach to writing–probably started in the 70’s, you know?

Anyway, tonight as it passes midnight. I feel compelled to write–not some chapter in my novel or some thing I should be writing, but just a free write. Let’s see where I go…

I have not written anything much in weeks, but I don’t have writer’s block. I have something worse: a lack of focus. My mind wanders in many directions…thoughts exist in fragments…even now I write without the normal cadence at the keyboard. Because if the keyboard were an instrument, I’d be banging on the drums. I’m a loud typist, exceedingly loud. There are quiet keyboards, but I’m not sure this would help. Or would it hinder me? I think I like the sound–even if the people around me (for what may be for miles) find it rather annoying.

Back to my point…(Did I have one?) And then there are these long…pauses…where I lose direction. My brain stops, freezes–and the moment is lost. But I know what is causing my writer’s ADD, if you will. My mind is crammed like a locker full of personal stuff. I’m too busy thinking about the real world to escape into my fictional realm.

I hate that Rob, Chloe, Callie, Ryan, and a bunch of other people who you don’t know about from book two have to wait until we buy a new house, plan lessons for the end of the school year (I homeschool in case you were wondering), decide what to have for dinner, find a way for laundry to wash and fold itself,  keep up with emails, family obligations…and the list goes on…

And if I say “once I/we (insert item from list), then I’ll have more time to write,” then I’m only kidding myself, right? Something always finds a way to fill our time.

Okay! I need to make a mid-year resolution and put writing back into the schedule. I need to do this because I’ve got an unfinished manuscript to complete. The first thing I need to do is go to bed early. (Hmm, it’s now 12:23…I guess “early” is a relative thing, huh?) Anyway, tomorrow night I’ll go to bed early, and on Sunday morning, I’ll write.

Goodnight, keyboard. Goodnight, computer. Goodnight, mind. Rest up now. You have a book to finish…

11 thoughts on “Free Writing

  1. Not writers block but a lack of focus – that is exactly my problem! I write a lot, every day, but I struggle to focus on just one thing, so my manuscript only moves forward in fits and spurts.

  2. Ha, ha, ha!!! Keep free-writing Kim! It’s a great Way to watch ur mind chatter and to have these thoughts (which seem to cover over focus n inspiration) disintegrate. Writing them down is a great way to clear out this clutter! It’s kind of like cleaning out the closet. Here is a question for you to ask yourself: what would you be without your thoughts? (only Spirit in mind can answer with experience of quite peace,truth, clarity and without words…the chaotic part of your mind will try to answer with words/thoughts.) In my case, writing down these thoughts, giving them up, releasing them, bringing them to the Light (to God) essentially, dissolves them and makes me clear, focused, calm, creative, joyful and at peace. So ask again this question over n over until all your thoughts of past n future dissolve and flow with what is in every moment! The experince is beyond all words!
    Thank you for giving up your thoughts! This is so healing for everyone who reads this as well!
    Love You n see u soon!!!

    1. So deep, my friend. I chose to freewrite because I had nothing to say, and when my students had nothing, that was what I told them to do. I was just following my own advice.

      Thanks again for a great day! Looking forward to seeing you again soon…

  3. Great freewrite, Kimberly! I love how you’ve renamed writer’s block & plan to borrow that focus!

    I’ve not written much of late, personal issues interfere with my focus! I did just recently post a book review and author interview (author Darin Waugh) on Ruthi Reads! though, and do hope you’ll have a look and leave a comment or two!

  4. I love your comments on being a loud typist. I think your typing could be a percussion instrument. Remember the Broadway show “Stomp”. We saw it about 10 years ago and I think it would have been cool to have a bunch of loud typists banging away in rhythm with each other.

    1. Yes, my typing is so loud that my office has to be in the basement now. 🙂

      You know, I never saw Stomp, but that would have been pretty cool. Maybe in an upcoming production, Brett.

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