BOOK REVIEW: Just Breeze

Just Breeze starts out light and humorous, but as the plot travels from cheerleading tryouts to fender benders to first kisses to class essays (with a little life-and-death secret thrown into the mix), it is evident that Beverly Stowe McClure has created a wonderful  coming-of-age story. 

With this novel, Ms. McClure accomplishes something that very few young adult authors can do: She creates a protagonist who appeals to both boys and girls. Breeze Brannigan is tall, awkward, sarcastic–and oddly enough, she can fix anything. With the help of Breeze’s guy friends and an older brother, the storyline broaches gender-crossing topics like cars and football. But girls won’t be disappointed; there are plenty of chick lit moments–best friend chats, makeovers, and most importantly, first kisses and first love.

I recommend this novel for young teens, or anyone who wants to relive the middle years through the brilliant blue eyes of Breeze Brannigan. It’s a fun, fast read, and my only complaint is there is not a sequel…yet!

6 thoughts on “Weekend with a Writer: Beverly Stowe McClure (Part 2)

  1. Thank you for a super review, KIm. It’s been great fun sharing our books with each other. Here’s to future books. 🙂


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