Time. There is never enough of it, but sometimes, just sometimes, there is too much of it–sometimes there is simply too much time that has gone by.

Yes, the passing of time. It prevents us from mending broken relationships, finishing around-the-house projects, penning final chapters, and even posting long overdue blogs. And when the days turn into months, we fret over the length of time that has passed and end up consuming more time in thought than in action.

So! Today I will call ____, finish ____, or just post a short blog. Yep, today is the day, because on a morning when the whole house is asleep, still exhausted from a busy weekend, I took a few minutes to defeat the enemy of time. Yeah, it’s not much, but what will you accomplish today?

4 thoughts on “Time

  1. Welcome back, Kim. You’re so right about time. And time lost can never be regained. Wish I made better use of my time.

    What will I accomplish today? Good question. I taught my Sunday school class this morning. Reading emails now. Maybe I’ll work on edits for my forthcoming story next. Relax. Watch a movie.

    Have a good week.

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