So…it’s January, and the year is relatively new. And in the spirit of things, I spruced up the blog with some new pages.

AUTHOR: Under this heading, I included items from my press kit–like the official Bio, Author Q & A, and Sellsheet.

 BOOK #2: Check out the Prologue tab. This may or may not remain a part of the novel, but I posted it anyway. When I wrote NBTAM, I wrote countless (probably a dozen or more) prologues, but I cut them all from the final manuscript. (To prologue or not to prologue, that is the question…) Also click on Chapter 1 to read the first chapter of THE LIGHT AFTER THE STORM.

CALENDAR:New events are being planned for the new year and will be posted soon…

TEACHERS: I added info on Educational Book Pricing, the Resource Guide, and Author Visits. Check out these pages to find out more about using NBTAM in the classroom.

Well, that is all for now…

Thanks for your support, and here’s to a new year!

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