I’m a huge fan of Trivial Pursuit, and the Know-It-All edition is my absolute favorite. So here is a quiz with only the most obscure tidbits from Nothing but Trouble after Midnight. Best of luck–and even I had to flip through the pages to find some of these answers. How many can you answer correctly? (If you have to know the answers, they are posted somewhere on this blog.)

NBTAM: The Know-It-All Quiz

  1. What is the name of Grandma Preston’s cat?
  2. The book begins on a holiday. Which one?
  3. What was Robert Callahan’s middle name at birth?
  4. What color was Chloe’s guitar?
  5. Who says the final words in the book?
  6. What book does Rob read out loud to Chloe in “The Truth” chapter?
  7. At which university (in Florida) did Grandpa Preston have tenure?
  8. Which song did Rob’s mom sing at Grandma Preston’s funeral?
  9. Which picture hangs above Rob Callahan’s bed?
  10. What is Rob’s favorite professional baseball team?
  11. What’s Mr. Martinez’s first name?
  12. During their junior year, how many of the Seven C’s attended Riverside?
  13. What color was Carly’s hair at prom?
  14. What was Chloe’s weeknight curfew?
  15. Who was the first girl that Josh Callahan ever kissed?

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