Lindsey Kelly: All I Really Want
Backed by the creative team of husband /writing partner Ken Kelly and Mark Trojanowski of Sister Hazel, Lindsey Kelly debuts this weekend with All I Really Want. Just like in her poetry, Kelly’s lyrics exude emotion, and  the album is a true showcase of her writing talents. In every song, she weaves verses and choruses together to form a lyrical tapestry. 
“All I Really Want”
The title track, “All I Really Want,” sets the tone for the album. The heartfelt ballad, recounting Kelly’s childhood struggles, opens with these powerful lines:
Once when I was a little girl

I was so shy, so scared

So afraid of everyone

I could not believe 

Why anyone would put me down

Cast me out, make me hide

Oh, what a lonely child

For Kelly, this album is a release of her inner hurts, and by exposing them in her songs, she hopes to speak to others through her music. “All I Really Want” has an important message, especially for young people. It deals with forgiving those who hurt us. The chorus resonates the message: “…but I forgive them / ‘Cause I have found that / All they really want is Love.”
Perfect “Strangers”
“Strangers,” a song selected by LeeAnn Womack to be played on Continental Airlines flights, reflects Kelly’s present perspective on life. Upbeat and fun, the chorus repeats:  “We are just strangers in this world / We all just need to Love one another now.”  Kelly, coming a long way from the “lonely child” to a very self-aware woman, writes compelling lyrics. The bridge of “Strangers” is one of Kelly’s most inspired pieces:

In a dream we walk

Along the same path

Though we separate

Together we make it back

“Don’t Say” Says It All
I hate to play favorites, but my front runner on the album is “Don’t Say.” Kelly’s voice, soft and sultry, ignites as the song opens and stays dynamic throughout the track. Written about the lingering effects of a bad relationship, she captures the emotion effectively–through her voice and the lyrics. Giving her husband most of the lyrical credit on this song, Kelly says “it’s a real team effort as far as song writing goes.”

Don’t say you don’t hang around anymore

I still see your car outside my door

Don’t say you won’t touch me anymore

I still feel the pain come again.

Listen to the entire track of “Don’t Say”: 05_Don_t_Say_hifi.m3u 

Or visit Lindsey Kelly’s website to hear the entire

Thank you for joining me for the second segment of “Weekend w/a Writer.” Please return tomorrow to find out how to win an autographed copy of All I Really Want.

9 thoughts on “Lindsey Kelly: All I Really Want

  1. It’s wonderful to be able to write songs that will help release your inner conflicts. Sounds like a super album. Will have to check on it.

      1. That would be great, Kim. Just let me know what you want. I’ve been wondering about you. How’s you latest coming along? Hope you’re all doing good.

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