Welcome to the final post of “Weekend with a Writer.”

Thank you for following along with the blog series on Lindsey Kelly, and now comes the best part: We will be giving away an autographed copy of All I Really Want.

How to Enter: Post one comment below and describe all the ways you entered the contest. The deadline is March 10th or 50 entries, whichever one comes first.


Ways to enter the contest: (Remember to post once in the comment section, but in that post, tell us the different ways you entered the contest–up to five. Good Luck!)

14 Comments on “CD Giveaway: ALL I REALLY WANT

  1. I “liked” you and Lindsey on Facebook to follow your updates, and my favorite song of Lindsey Kelly is “Over & Over”. 🙂

  2. I like Don’t Say…beautiful and true lyrics! I’ve subscribed to your email, too!

  3. I became friends with Lindsey and Kimberly on facebook.
    I am Just Dnbuster in facebook!

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