What’s New!

Nothing but Trouble after Midnight is climbing the ranks in eBook sales. Thanks to all of you!

NBTAM (for Kindle) on Amazon

NBTAM (for Nook) on Barnes & Noble



What I’m Reading: I just read Hate List by Jennifer Brown, and it’s a really poignant YA novel. I highly recommend it, since it deals with bullying and an extreme case of retaliation. I’m finishing up Even Now by Karen Kingsbury. I enjoy Kingsbury: she delivers the best in Christian romance and never disappoints.


What I’m Writing: I’m on page 148 of Book #2, and you can read the rough draft of Chapter One here. The book will go to editing on March 21. In addition to finishing up the novel, I’m working on a program for the Souled-Out Women’s Conference; the workshop will be on writing, and it will be my first all female audience.


What Else?

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for Lindsey Kelly’s CD. This is my favorite song, and it’s playing right now: “Don’t Say”

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