What’s New!

On Thursday, I received incredible news: Nothing but Trouble after Midnight will advance to the next round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.  And yes, I cried happy tears!


FYI: The e-book version of Nothing but Trouble after Midnight is available at these online retailers:


Barnes & Noble



What I’m Reading: I am finishing Joan Bauer’s Best Food Forward, a sequel to Rules of the Road. She is a very prolific YA writer and has just released Close to Famous. (Someday I hope to be prolific.) Next I’ll be tackling a book for my “Weekend with a Writer” post and sharing my review on here!


What I’m Writing:

I’m on page 164 of Book #2 (tentatively titled Light after the Storm), and you can read the rough draft of Chapter One here. After being stuck in one chapter for two weeks and suffering from acute writer’s block, I now see the “light after the storm.” 


What Else?

While I was working on this post, I clicked back to my email, something I do numerous times in one day, and a link to this review was in my inbox:

Nothing but Trouble after Midnight

by Mindy Fulton

An example of excellent teen fiction that’s not just for teens. This book addresses what has the potential to be a very difficult subject in a mature, thoughtful, and ultimately uplifting manner. I have taught this book in my 9th grade English classes, and they have devoured the book each time. It provides parents the opportunity to discuss with their son or daughter important aspects of growing up, making decisions, and maintaining relationships, while reminding them what it is like to be 17. For teachers, it offers opportunities to teach characterization, conflict, themes, allusions, and rich vocabulary. Whether you are a teen looking for an enjoyable read, a parent looking for a good book for your teen (13 and up), or a teacher looking for a high-interest book that still affords you the opportunity to teach critical thinking and literary analysis, this book is a great choice!

 Mindy is amazing and I only wish there was—and maybe there actually is–a place to review friends. (I’m only kidding, you know?) She would get five gold stars and a long, glowing recommendation. Thanks for everything, Mindy! 😉

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