Evan’s Castle by Tracy Fabre is my answer to the following question: What is the best book you’ve read lately? From the ashes of a dead-end relationship, this romance novel chronicles a new chapter in Rachel Kane’s life. With rich characterization and witty dialogue, Fabre offers the heat of a contemporary romance with the depth of classic fiction.

With every memorable romance, its greatness lies in the allure of the male protagonist. Fabre’s male lead, Evan Callahan, is brilliantly sexy. A research scientist who keeps busy with his work, Evan softens with each page of the novel. Rachel Kane, his newly hired assistant, has that effect on him. She is strong, able to match his wit, and not afraid to speak her mind. The romance ignites but encounters a series of challenges. Yet unlike many romances, the plot, fresh and unexpected, keeps the reader fully engaged in the story. Moreover, Fabre does not rely on stereotypes, yet creates strong characters with complex personalities—even her minor characters leave a lasting impression on the reader.

The authentic dialogue drew me to Tracy’s book, and after reading the excerpts on her website, I purchased the novel.

Evan was laughing. “I was a wonder, wasn’t I?”
 “But tell me something I don’t know. Tell me something you wouldn’t tell an interviewer.”
 “Ah,” he said, still amused. “I’m not sure what you’re looking for.”
 “Something to explain… you.”

The believable dialogue, coupled with the strong characterization, sets Tracy Fabre apart from other writers in the romance genre.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend this novel. Evan’s Castle is a great introduction to her works, and I look forward to reading the rest of Fabre’s novels.

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