“The Blank Page”

From eerie emptiness
To birthed possibilities,
The blank page transforms
With each symphonic tap.
Slow. Slower.
Quick, quicker,
Then slow again.
The rhythm of thoughts
Dance to an exotic tempo
In the mind’s venerable song,
Filled with beats of imagination
Causing even the composer
To listen curiously,
As the final word marches
With thunderous strokes
Across a littered plain
Of open interpretation.

Daily Response: Poety is not my native genre, so this poem captures how I feel when I write in verse. When you stare at the blank page of a notebook or the blank screen of a computer, what usually comes to your mind? A poem? A short story? A freewrite? The first chapter of a novel? An article? A letter? Or nothing? So…if you were given the opportunity to write anything, what form would you choose? Or would you just leave the page blank?

10 thoughts on “Poet: Kimberly Blackadar

  1. Kimberly, you are a born writer with a unique talent !! I am honored to be able to read you and to comment on your lovely poetry 🙂

    Poetry was a foreign subject to me until I joined gather. After reading so many wondrous poets I attempted my first steps of writing poetry…almost always in free verse.and remaining a novice to this day !

    1. Poetry is not my first language. I prefer prose–but I’m trying to find my poetic voice. I aspire to be a poet. And your encouragement, Marianne, helps me reach my goal. Thank you!

      I am in awe of your free verse. You write well–as if opening an emotional vein, letting words spill across your page. See, I’m trying to be poetic there. 🙂

      1. You are way too kind, Kimberly…I kind of stumble on my free verse expressions…I am nore frustrated with my poems now than when i first started writing on gather. But I must admit to some improvement…my early writing was BAD !!!!!!!!!!

        Thank you for always finding words of encouragement to lift me and to inspire to keep going 🙂

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