Michelle lives in the northeastern part of the United States and teaches English at the high school level. She wishes to be a full-time writer. Until then, you can follow Michelle’s latest posts on her Gather page.  


“Poems of Mud”

A poem can be
light and airy
or an uncontrolled flame
Flow like streaming water
or float in a blue cloud

But my poems
come from the earth
deep, rich, sensual soil
substantial and firm
newly tilled
full of nutrients
layered life unfolding

I take my hands
dig deeply and smell
without reservation
the warmth of
words, alive
brought to the surface
after having been buried
down in the womb
of the Mother

The ground element
keeps me rooted
cloaks me in wet mud
Rock my companion
Moss my bed
Trees my liberation



Daily Response:

Michelle writes, “But my poems come from the earth…” Think metaphorically and describe the birthplace / inspiration for your poetry. Today is a fill-in-the blank response, beginning with “My poems come from ________…” You may elaborate and turn the line into a few more verses, a stanza, or even a full poem.  


6 thoughts on “Poet: Michelle

  1. my poems come
    from the strangest places
    inspiration seeking me
    in the shower
    the kitchen
    and in the car

    my thoughts
    a steady stream of water
    a swirl of vapor
    a long road
    of continuous creativity
    yet the exuberant voice
    grows quiet
    barely whispers
    when my fingertips
    touch the keyboard

    each poem
    of my anthology
    a mere fragment
    of its weight
    at birth

    1. Oh, I missed your lovely poem, Kimberly ! I can see from your many examples that you are constantly on the ‘lookout’ to be inspired to put a voice to your ‘discoveries’, a non-stop journey of your mind and heart.

      It is indeed often the strangest places and moments which birth a poem 🙂

  2. My poems come from strangers I listen to, say hello, smile out, help in need each and every day of my life. My poems come for many earthly characters I experience my life with every day.

  3. This poem is one of my favorites by Michelle, although it is hard to pick favorites from her unique and versatile poetry.
    She has greatly inspired and encouraged my interest in poetry.
    I write instinctively, often about emotional turmoils as they occur in my life and in this broken world. I also love to express my faith in Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

    1. I agree, Marianne. Picking a favorite poem from such an amazing poet was impossible, so I picked one that defined her poetry. I think this would be nice as a first poem in her anthology.

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