Poet: Veronica Hosking

Veronica Hosking is a poet and poetry editor for Mamazina www.mamazina.com. She lives in Avondale, Arizona with her husband and two daughters. Check out her poem, “Seven Years,” in the anthology, From the Heart. Read more of Hosking’s poetry at http://hosking.gather.com and www.authorsden.com/veronicahosking.


“White Birch”

by Veronica Hosking

White Birch standing tall
Stretching limbs above my reach
Holding dreams aloft.


Daily Response:

A haiku is a short poem of three lines with a total of 17 syllables. Traditionally, haikus were written about a simple theme like nature. Write your own haiku and post as a comment.

Here are the rules for a haiku:

1st line = 5 syllables

2nd line = 7 sylllables

3rd line = 5 syllables

8 Comments on “Poet: Veronica Hosking

  1. I love Veronica’s poem, and it inspired me to try a haiku.


    Spring sits silently
    Under suffocating snow
    Waiting her debut

  2. I love the Spring! I love how Veronica embraced the growth of the “White Birtch.” I embrace the art of haiku.

  3. I like haikus because the good ones say so much with so few words. I like Veronica’s because each line is very vivid to me and I like the image of the birch protecting the dreams of us folks on the ground. Yours was good too, Kimberly! 🙂

    • Hello, Michael. I agree with you. Veronica crafted the perfect haiku–about nature with a deeper meaning about life. Perfectly done. Thanks for stopping by…

  4. Birch trees are one of my favorite trees…they make me dream of fairy tales !
    Veronica’s haiku is magical !! I love it 🙂

    Kimberly ~ you painted Spring brilliantly 🙂

    “Autumn in OZ”

    Autumn sun glistens
    upon the changing colors
    of leaves and my life

    Phew…I haven’t written a haiku for a long while !

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