E.J., my homeschooled seond grader, penned his first poems this week. Like his mom, he is taking a hiatus from fiction and trying his hand at verse. E.J. loves sports and reading and is starting to appreciate poetry more.

“My Lord, Jesus”

by E.J.


As I walk on the path

of the birds

and other things

I think of

my Lord Jesus

and the peace

He brings


Daily Response: For this week, the response will stay the same. In the comment section, please leave a message for the poet.

11 thoughts on “Poet: E.J. (my son)

  1. WOW…that’s an awesome poem, E.J….I’m blown away !!

    I love Jesus as well, and the message of your poem brings great peace to me today…I was a little sad today. So now I’m smiling again. Thank you, and keep writing…you are very talented, E.J.

    Love, Marianne

  2. I’ve come back to check on your poem, E.J. It is as beautiful as ever, and truly honors the Lord, and I’m blessed as well 🙂

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