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“The Element of Surprise”

by Kimberly Blackadar


spring sits silently

under suffocating snow

waiting to…to jump


Photo taken by Diane Huizenga


Today’s Response: My little haiku reflects a Minnesotan’s anticipation for the arrival of spring. Are signs of spring evident around you, or like me, are you still waiting…?

8 thoughts on “Poet: Kimberly Blackadar

  1. We are so far into spring, it is almost summer here in SC! We have had a beautiful spring, tho, and I have loved the low humidity. I was cheered by your haiku, Kimberly, and wish you a lovely spring!

  2. I love your Haiku, Kimberly, filled with the anticipation of Spring after a frosty Winter ! I haven’t written a haiku in a long while.

    It is Autumn here in OZ, quite Spring-like with blue skies and warm sunshine.


      1. Yes, you and Michelle find the most fitting pictures to underline your beautiful writing !!

        I still LOVE your haiku :)))

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