Today I’m featuring Marianne, my friend from across the Pacific. She is a wonderful lady, and you can enjoy more of her poetry here.


Forever mine

forever yours ~

breath upon breath

silent whispers

heart-shaped drops

of crimson flow

fill the cavern of my mind

as I lean into your presence

inhaling the miracle of our love

rivers rushing to the sea

mountains reaching to the sky

stopping time as we embrace

kisses held inside I love you

hands caressing fevered thoughts

brushing hair against long sighs

movements of love

moments of us

divinely appointed

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6 thoughts on “Poet: Marianne

  1. And I treasure you, your writing, your friendship and our fellowship !

    I signed into my poem to see which one you ended up choosing. THANK YOU so much for including me in your line-up of so many wonderful poets.


  2. Well, I’m so glad you are inspired by ME, Kimberly. I accept that as a beautiful compliment considering the many gifted poets you know that would truly inspire you 🙂

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