Poet: A.F. Stewart

A.F. Stewart is from Nova Scotia, Canada. She works part time as a writer, hoping for full time, and pays the bills with various other jobs. She is a very prolific and talented writer. Find out more about her and her books on the following sites.



Two blogs:

Gather profile:




Tendrils of matter

winding around light.

A galactic splash

of bursting colour.

Spiralling outward,

onward in the heavens.


Vivid paint

on the universe.



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6 Comments on “Poet: A.F. Stewart

  1. A.F.

    I am impressed with your poetry–always full of beautiful imagery. Today I visited the links and am astounded at all your writings. I look forward to reading your publications as well as keeping up with your poetry on Gather. Thanks for letting me feature “Cosmos.”


  2. I have read her book “Tears of Poetry” from http://www.lulu.com, that I won from an author chat from http://www.gather.com last year.
    The poetry is introspective, dark, moody and reflective.
    A collection of Various themes and Celtic themes.
    I enjoyed being introduced to a new energy of poetry I had not read before.

  3. Vivid, colorful and explosive poem, Audrey…your musings never disappoint 🙂

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