Born and raised in Maine, Robert Burnham learned to enjoy the outdoors in any season.  He has camped out in the spring rains, the summer heat, under the autumn colors and yes, even nestled within the snow. He started writing poetry and essays at the age of seven and began a serious life-long love affair with photography at the age of eleven. Currently, Robert is a geography student studying Environmental Science at the University of North Carolina. Read more of Robert’s poetry on his Gather profile.



©2011 Robert Burnham

Today I was in Kiev

Sifting through melancholy


With you on my mind

But I have no flair for

Fashion, nor is style

In my artist’s repertoire

So I left the scarves

And walked past

Orange Dahlias and

Bright Bellis Perennis;

Ukrainian reminders

Of walks in the park –

You and I almost took

I knew you wouldn’t

Follow me here, to

The other side of the world

But the sonorous backdrop

Of your voice

Lingers through the breeze

And windmills

And all is well


You still call me friend


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7 thoughts on “Poet: Robert Burnham

  1. Robert,~

    These lines touch on unrequieted love, one of my favorite themes. The “almost” conjures up the possibilites.

    Of walks in the park –

    You and I almost took


    1. I could no longer call them “parks”, if I walked with you on my arm. I would have to call them ‘dreamscapes’.


      Thanks for posting a little piece of me.

      1. Hmm..? I am at a loss for the right poetic rebuttal. It seems that “dreamscapes” has only one connotation–yours! Alas, I will have to write it. Give me time…

        Thanks for letting me share your poetry–and I look forward to posting another on Saturday.

  2. As I read I can feel how Robert’s poetry exresses his life experience, his educational opportunity and Nature at it’s best. Robert I do encourage you to continue to write and share your poetry to the world.

  3. Hi Robert ~ I adore this poem for a number of reasons :
    1. My father is from the Ukraine
    2. I love flowers
    3. I love walking in parks
    4. Only true love will follow another to the end of the world
    5. Staying friends shows love can continue regardless

    Splendid writing 🙂

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