Stephen Berwaldt (in his own words): “I live in Massachusetts.I am currently semi-employed…that sounds better than unemployed…but I am by occupation, a remodeling contractor…a very good one, I might add…so would my mother, if she could speak from wherever she is… 🙂 I have only been writing for two years, so no blogs…I can be found on Gather.




It might be a tilt of head


a stranger’s smile –

an inadvertent passing-by of a favorite place

she loved to visit when time allowed –



her dried-rose bookmark left

in her favorite book

you took up to read again

just to imagine her voice

reading every word –


a snapshot found

while searching for scissors

to snip that loose thread off the cuff of your shirt –

a picture of her smiling just for you

eyes ablaze with love



riding down the road listening to

Nat King Cole crooning

“Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”

on the radio

in his rich, sultry voice

that always made tears well up

and flow gently down her cheeks


it’s the innocuous things –

the small details that

no one else noticed but you –

that bring sweet flood of memories to your heart

a misting in your eyes –

a lump in your throat

the ache as fresh as if bereaved just yesterday



how we miss the ones

we’ve loved and lost

and love still


Daily Response: Please post your favorite line(s) in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Poet: Stephen Berwaldt

  1. Stephen~

    These are my favorite lines:

    it’s the innocuous things –

    the small details that

    no one else noticed but you –

    This is an excellent tribute. I really enjoyed the poem, so thanks for letting me sharing it on my blog.


  2. My favorite line is “Nat King Cole crooning”, and I am so happy to experience the music from his past and the great music from his daughter (Natalie) today.

  3. Hi Stephen ~ such a momentous and magnificent tribute. It is hauntingly beautiful capturing the very scenes anyone bereaved would identify with, even I am deeply touched by your sensitive memories of a loved one. I have not lost a loved one as yet ~ I hope I will be able to write a tribute as loving and powerfully as you have here.

  4. And Stephen, I believe you have huge natural talent as a writer and poet 🙂

    Keep up the good work !!

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