Susan Budig (in her own words): “I am not a full-time writer, but I work freelance in writing as much as I want. I am a full-time primary care parent. I still have three kids at home and in school.My business card identifies me as writer, poet, teacher, coach, but I am working on so much more. I am transcribing interviews for Larry Long with a goal of a book or series of books.”

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One Child

There was one child left
that day I walked by the playground,
sitting on a see-saw, watching.
I looked in the same direction,
but nothing else caught my eye.

I remembered a game as a youth.
There was one child left
standing, proclaimed the winner!
It was never me.
Like a sentinel, I said nothing.

I continued down the block,
but cast a glance over my shoulder.
There was one child left
on the teeter-totter, but looking lost.
This stops me.

I finger my still-warm pretzel, shoved
in my pocket for when I reach the office.
The child keeps staring at nothing.
There was one child left
on the bench while all the other children

jumped like bunnies around the man
with a generous clutch of balloons
at my son’s birthday party in the park.
That was years ago and we all went home, but no…
there was one child left.



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8 thoughts on “Poet: Susan Budig

  1. I love how you express the beautiful memories of a innocent, lonely and precious child so found of the outdoors, nature, and play. I encourage you to continue to write the words from your heart and share with the world.

  2. Natural talent goes a long way coupled with dreams…’anything can happen if you let it’ ( Mary Poppins…saw it last night; it was brilliant !! )

    I love the varied observations of scenes focusing on a child left out. Some children would grow up scarred, others continue as independent individuals, secure in not needing to be part of a crowd.

    ‘Anapeat’ ~ such a melodious sound, with powerful vibrations/vibes.

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