Pamela Stockman Blackadar is my mom. She lives in Florida and is the world’s best mom and interior designer. In all that she does, she is a thoughtful, caring woman. I love her so much and am proud to share this with you. This poem was on a card that accompanied a birth stone ring for my grandmother:)


“Birthstone Ring”

by Pamela Stockman Blackadar


A symbol of us

The four you brought

Into this world

For which you sought

A life of happiness,

The most beneficial

Never without love

Never superficial


A life of struggle,

Hardship and strife

Makes you that much more

A wonderful wife


And as a mother,

you’re at the top of the list

We don’t feel

That Daddy missed!


March of 44′

Was a month to remember

For then came problem Number 1

In all her splendor

She was born as a symbol of aquamarine

Like the ocean in color

It’s strength in blue-green


And then time elapsed

And along came John–

Devil that he was

Always in the wrong

But green in envy is the emerald,

lustrous in color and never dulled.


Then along came two boys

Both in September

Davis and Harlan Jr.

Who we’ll always remember

Their blue-blue eyes

Show intimacy

And love for you.


And so as we near the end

We’d like to say

That with all our love

This Christmas Day

We’d like you to remember

The four you brought

Into this world

And so

As a symbol of us

We give you this gift.






Harlan Jr.


Daily Response: This poem accompanied a gift. Have you ever written a poem for a gift?

5 thoughts on “Poet: Pamela Stockman Blackadar (My Mom)

  1. For years, the only time I wrote a poem was to go along with a gift. My mother inspired that in me. For Father’s Day, the kids and I came up with a poetic treasure hunt for my hubby to find his gifts. It was lots of fun!

  2. I see where your talent comes from. I love how your Mom has inspired me to try to start writing poems as a gift.
    This is a beautiful way to express how we feel about our personal relationships in our life.

  3. Aha…no wonder you are so talented, Kimberly. I love the individual portraits of each of the children…esp. “For then came problem Number 1″…that is so sweet !

    Since I’m not a poet, I include a Scripture verse inside my cards 🙂

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