Tyler Frost is a theater arts and English literature major at Marquette University. He enjoys old things, movies, and good conversation and hopes to be a professional actor someday. Tyler doesn’t write very often, but he likes to let feelings out through it and enjoys being creative. He hopes you enjoy the rough draft of his poem.


“To Mom”

I do not understand why you are lost
In this world of fruits and much abundance
Your soul and body are bitten with frost
You should complete your circle’s circumference
You were not there during most of my time
Which is somewhat understandable though
Sometimes you look like you are full of grime
One of your mistakes, I was loved and grew
It is hard to get out of the bad ways
Once we know it, it’s our way of being
You should think about it by the ocean bay
Look out and compare space you are seeing
You’ll see much room which means you can still be
Anything that’s good, just climb up the tree.

4 thoughts on “Poet: Tyler Frost

  1. Hmm…I’m not sure how I feel about this poem. Emotionally charged with bitter-sweet memories and advice ?? A sense of loss for mother and son ?

    I love the last 4 lines which are quite universally meaningful !!

    Honest and from the heart 🙂

  2. Tyler, I am so glad you wrote this and got a chance to express your feelings in your poetry. I’m super proud of you. Best of luck with the end of your semester and all your upcoming auditions.

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