7 thoughts on “AUTHOR

  1. You probably do not remember me, but I was one of your students from Ocoee Middle. I just wanted to say hello and thank you for being such a great teacher. A few years after Middle School, I moved to Minnesota. Because of you, and an old HS English teacher of mine, I was inspired to become a teacher as well. I have my MA of English and I teach, as an adjunct, at Brown College. I am excited to read your book. It is on my Christmas list!

  2. Hi Kimberly,

    I am enjoying your blog. I just spent an hour reading it! I admire your passion for writing and running! I also explode with ideas while running so I keep my voice recorder handy for the end of the run. Then I pace around and talk while I can catch my breath! A great technique. I am writing a non-fiction book EDGE-UCATION “Teens on the Edge Learning on the Edge” I hope to have in out in the next 3 or 4 months.

    Since we both write about teens and the high school years we might be a good resource for one another. I am adding you to my blog roll.

    Good Luck with the writing!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Tim. I just checked out your blog and see we share a background in teaching and coaching track / cross country as well. Those experiences motivated me to write teen fiction, and I look forward to hearing more about your non-fiction project.

      Best of luck to you…


  3. Kim u r best auther and i like your all blogs and i am too much interested in your blogs ……………..and your poem “TIMES”is really a superb piece of lyrical art.
    Wish u best of luck……….

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