A 7-Day Devotional for Kids

A Seven-Day Devotional for Kids (1)

Introducing a 7-Day Devotional for Kids.

Short Enough to Finish Everything.

Long Enough to Learn Something.  


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What’s in This Book? 

  • 7 Days of Lessons


  • A Prayer Journal


  • A Set of Verse Cards







Why Did I Write This Book?

Well, I have two teenagers, but when they were younger, we attempted daily devotionals, long ones, spanning 365 days. We might have lasted a few weeks, sometimes longer, but we often felt defeated for not sticking to the routine. Okay, I felt defeated. They didn’t seem to harness any guilt over the 300-and-something, unread pages in the book.

Sometimes we would cycle back to a devotional—and wouldn’t you know it—we would often hit the same passages. It was like we had yearly trends for when we were more “devoted” to devotionals. There might be a research project somewhere in there, but I probably don’t need to analyze statistical data to understand the pattern and develop a strategy.

We needed a shorter devotional book—something that lasted a month, or maybe a week. Unfortunately, what we needed wouldn’t be substantial enough for a book. It would be more like a booklet, something you wouldn’t find in a bookstore, but something you could find online.

I developed this 7-day devotional for children, from preschool to elementary age, so your family can set short-term goals and achieve them. This devotional will be part of series of online resources for families, and this verse will remain at the heart of this and future studies:

I have hidden your word in my heart

that I might not sin against you.

PSALM 119:11