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Reblogged from Almost Iowa: The Old Man Who Death Ignored

The following post comes from Almost Iowa, a blog that offers clever, humorous, and thought-provoking short stories. Enjoy!   There was an old man who was so old that even the children who once considered him old had long since past from memory. And… Continue Reading “Reblogged from Almost Iowa: The Old Man Who Death Ignored”

Sentence Opener Series #3: Top Ten Sentence Openers

Why should we vary our sentence openers? Well, if we don’t, we may sound like this: I will write five sentences. They will have five words. The sentences sound the same. I should vary their lengths. That would sound much better. Since each sentence… Continue Reading “Sentence Opener Series #3: Top Ten Sentence Openers”

Sentence Openers Series #2: “There (Is/Are)”

How should we start a sentence? There are numerous ways, but this is NOT the best one. Avoid these sentence openers: There are… There is… There (is/are) better ways to start a sentence. Reason #1: Pronoun-Verb Agreement (or Disagreement) Do you remember those pronoun-verb… Continue Reading “Sentence Openers Series #2: “There (Is/Are)””

Sentence Openers Series: Opinion Statements

Sentence Openers Series #1: Avoid Opinion Statements Every sentence needs a beginning, but we should avoid certain introductory phrases. Consider both the effectiveness and necessity of the words you select. A sentence, especially the initial one, should start strong. A sentence opener is the… Continue Reading “Sentence Openers Series: Opinion Statements”

Poetry for Easter

These poems, written in various forms, capture the Easter message beautifully. As I post this today, I remember our poet-friend, Robert Burnham, who has two poems included here. Robert went home to be with our Savior in 2015. Have a blessed Easter! (This is… Continue Reading “Poetry for Easter”

Squeaky Doors

On March 19, I started a devotional book, and for a solid month, I had been at my computer, typing happily. I kept on my self-imposed schedule and produced a few devotionals a day. I was happy. I was organized. I was focused. And… Continue Reading “Squeaky Doors”

Easter Book List: Suggestions for All Ages (Babies, Children, Middle School, Teens, & Adults)

Our family has over 100 Christmas books but only 4 Easter books. In an effort to expand our library with books that offered a true meaning of Easter, I ended up with an extensive book list. The Legend of the Three Trees has been… Continue Reading “Easter Book List: Suggestions for All Ages (Babies, Children, Middle School, Teens, & Adults)”

The “Secret” is Out! (But Why is it Free?)

Dear Readers, I had intended to release The Secrets We Keep after a month or so of promotion, but after uploading the book on Smashwords, I just couldn’t allow it to sit there and not be read by someone other than Mindy (my amazing… Continue Reading “The “Secret” is Out! (But Why is it Free?)”

952 Days

It has been 952 days or “roughly” 82,252,800 seconds since I posted on this blog. I’d like to say I have a reason for this long hiatus from the blogosphere, but over the last 2 years, 7 months, and 9 days, I have just… Continue Reading “952 Days”

A Christmas Story

[This article first appeared here.] I placed the gifts in the trunk, strapped two wiggly children into their car seats, and set the egg nog and muffins on the front seat, and as I rolled down the driveway, I hit play on the CD… Continue Reading “A Christmas Story”