Free Book Friday

Do you like to read about new books and the authors that wrote them? And would you like the chance to win free books in the process? Then I have two great sites for you: Free Book Friday and Free Book Friday for Teens.

The sites have featured names like Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Weiner, and Audrey Niffenegger and  this coming week, starting on Saturday, February 2oth, the teen site will be featuring Nothing but Trouble after Midnight.

Book Signing: Barnes & Noble (Florence, KY)

If you live in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area, please stop by the Barnes & Noble (Florence, KY) on Saturday, February 13th. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll be there from 2-4, and I would prefer not to be there by myself.

Here’s the link to the store calendar, and if you have younger children, they have story time at 3:30. You can make a day of it! 🙂

Author Q & A

Author Q & A

Did you always want to be a writer?

No, not exactly, but I remember when it first occurred to me, though. I was in eighth-grade English class, the first day of school, and the teacher called my name. “Kimberly Blackadar,” he said. “That is the name of an author!” I was only thirteen, and my best pieces of writing were often folded and passed across the room, but still, his prophetic words stayed with me, year after year, until I sat down at my computer and started my first novel.

It sounds like your teacher planted a seed. So do you believe in the power of suggestion?

Absolutely! I spent eight years in the classroom, and I never took that role lightly. I recall sitting in an interview with a colleague of mine, and when we were asked what we did best as teachers, we answered: “We find something special in every student and celebrate it.”

Now, after leaving the classroom, what is your typical day like?

Well, I’m a homeschooling mom with a pilot for a hubby, so it’s not overly conducive to a writing career. But then again, how many authors have the ideal situation? Most juggle careers, families, and other obligations─all while trying to complete their writing projects. Writers, however, must excel at time management and set firm deadlines─usually in terms of pages per day or week.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Yes, read, read, and then read some more! (Okay, now I sound like a teacher again.) But don’t just read books in your genre; expose yourself to all works of literature. I vacillate between contemporary fiction and the classics, finding the greatest inspiration from the written word.

Do you need to be inspired to write?

No, I am always eager to write, but I have to be in a place for writing─either in my office or out in nature. I wrote a good portion of my first novel while at the beach and when I was up in Alaska. I think location─and a little ambiance­─is important. Especially when writing romance novels.  Of course, I’m not suggesting typing by candlelight, but soft music, comfortable clothes, and chocolate do evoke the muse.

Speaking of romance novels, aren’t they all the same?

Well, there are two probable endings for a romance novel: it’s either happily ever after or a Kleenex moment. But what makes them unique is the obstacle course along the way, and for fictional romances, it is more like crossing a mine field─with one explosive moment after another.

Where do you come up with your “explosive” ideas?

When I’m out on my long runs, my imagination really goes places. So my husband bought me a digital recorder to capture those ideas; unfortunately, when I played it back, I couldn’t follow it. I sounded like a breathless 911 caller leaving the scene of the crime, and now I’m back to relying on my memory.

After coming up with the idea for your first novel, how long did it take you to complete it?

The published version of Nothing but Trouble after Midnight took around six months to write, but it was preceded by two abandoned manuscripts. Even though the characters remained constant throughout the writing process, the relationship between the main characters, Rob and Chloe, evolved with every draft. At first, I created Rob to fulfill the friend role, but over time, I grew quite fond of him, and consequently, so did Chloe.

Aw, Rob and Chloe… can we expect more from them in the future?

NBTAM is the first of seven young-adult novels in the 7C’s series, with each book focusing on a different girl, but Rob and Chloe will be ever-present throughout the series. Chloe is the prominent link in the friendship chain.

Besides your current series, are there any other books on the horizon?

Yes, I am timelining a standalone adult novel tentatively titled In the Rose Garden. Conceptually, it is very complicated and will demand more of me as a writer. But I am eager for the challenge.

Is there any form of writing you would rather avoid?

Yes, anything autobiographical─like answering interview questions.

But isn’t all writing autobiographical?

I certainly hope not! My characters will encounter many hardships over the years, and my life has been rather pleasant so far…


Young adult literature is the fastest growing sector of the publishing industry, and a 2008 Newsweek article reported that book sales for ages 12-18 climbed a staggering 25 percent.

*This post is from my author’s press kit. A full press kit is available upon request.

Author Events



As a former teacher, Kimberly enjoys returning to the classroom as an author. She creates presentations to meet the individual needs of each classroom and schedules author appearances to coincide with the teaching of the novel.
Kimberly is available for author events at libraries and loves to give readings of her book.
Kimberly is available for both author signings and readings, and she schedules her bookstore appearances to coincide with her various school and library events in an area.
For more information about scheduling an event, please comment below or contact:
Ann Williams, M.S. Ed 

NBTAM Discussion Guide: Abstinence Education

Counselors, Teachers, Parents, and Youth Group Leaders:

Nothing but Trouble after Midnight has been regarded as an excellent tool for broaching abstinence education. Please use the questions below as a springboard for discussions on such pertinent, yet difficult, topics.



NBTAM Discussion Guide: Abstinence Education

What are qualities of a healthy relationship? 

What are qualities of an unhealthy relationship?

Can a relationship be both healthy and unhealthy?

What are some positive aspects about Chloe’s relationship with Austin?

Is positive the same as healthy?

Why does Chloe choose abstinence?

Is it possible to remain abstinent?

Why does Rob choose abstinence?

How does the rape change Chloe?

How does the rape change Rob’s feelings about Chloe? 

Why was Chloe afraid to tell about the rape?

Are Chloe’s relationships more damaged by the actual rape or her thoughts about herself based upon being raped?

*Discussion questions were created by Ann Williams, MS Ed, a clinical therapist who specialized in abstinence education.*

Christmas Traditions

Most families have traditions–especially around the holidays, and tonight my family gathered for one of ours. Every year, as my two children unpack their ornaments, I explain who gave them each one, and with cups of egg nog and fresh-baked goodies to snack on, I videotape my children as they hang the ornaments on the tree.  

This year, though, marked a milestone for both of them, since no one needed any help hanging the ornaments on the tree. So with a sad sigh, I hit rewind and go back a few years, watching as each child–with the help of a parent–hangs their first ornament on the tree. 

Yes, Christmases go by so quickly, and after all the busyness of the season, we are just left with those memories. So for me and my family, the annual ornament video is the way we capture each passing year. 

Happy Holidays to you, and I hope you find a way to capture the spirit of the season with your family…

Easy writing ideas!

Welcome, Teachers!

Here is a simple lesson idea for middle/high school students. Have your students read chapter excerpts from Nothing but Trouble after Midnight on this blog, discuss them in your class, and complete these simple prompts:

Also, check out the “Teacher” page on the right for more information about using Nothing but Trouble after Midnight in your classroom.

  • Chapter One: Key Players

After reading the first chapter, consider some of the embarassing moments in your life. Pick one that stands out to you and tell about it. How old were you? Who else was there? Do people still bring up this event, and if so, how do you feel about it now?

  • Chapter Two: First Impressions

In chapter two, Chloe recounts her first impression of Austin Walker. Whenever you meet someone, you develop a first impression. Think of a first impression of someone you know well, and without giving names, explain how it changed–for better or worse–after you got to know the person better.

  • Chapter Three: Better Than Hallmark

In the third chapter, Chloe expresses her gratitude to Rob with a drawing. There are many ways to show your appreciation for someone else. Now think of someone who deserves your gratitude and plan a way to thank him. You could draft a simple thank-you note, make a card, or create your own idea.

Could a good writer be a bad blogger?

Here is a topic I posted on

Some authors have blogs and some do not, and I was wondering if that’s because not all writers make good bloggers.

I have a blog…now, since I was told it was a rite of passage to authordom. So, I posted some pics, the back cover text, and a few chapter excerpts on there, and now that the book is out, I am left thinking, “Now what?”

Many of you have blogs out there. Good ones, I know, since I stop by and read them with awe. You are great sources for freebies and hot topics. I feel like I get to know you better through your blog, but maybe I just don’t know where to begin. Or just maybe….some authors make bad bloggers…

Okay, share your opinion, or better yet, share your successes with your blog. I–and my two blog followers–will thank you! 🙂


What’s the “official” release date, anyway?

Well, that all depends on who you ask? But since Nothing but Trouble after Midnight is already in the hands of some students and on the shelves of bookstores, then I say it has been released. However, Amazon is showing a November 2nd release; my publisher has it listed on their site—but it’s still not ready for orders; and Barnes & Noble is giving a much later date—November 16th.  

Why so many variations? Well, the book finished weeks ahead of schedule, and I have been bringing the book to schools and bookstores already; and I will continue doing so, even as the book becomes available on the various on-line retailers.

Now, If you intend to order from Barnes & Noble, please, please, please do so inside the store. It doesn’t matter if it is in stock or not, this helps with my store sales, which ultimately decides if they will carry this book or future titles in the series.

Thanks for your interest and support!