A 7-Day Devotional for Kids

A Seven-Day Devotional for Kids (1)

Introducing a 7-Day Devotional for Kids.

Short Enough to Finish Everything.

Long Enough to Learn Something.  


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What’s in This Book? 

  • 7 Days of Lessons


  • A Prayer Journal


  • A Set of Verse Cards







Why Did I Write This Book?

Well, I have two teenagers, but when they were younger, we attempted daily devotionals, long ones, spanning 365 days. We might have lasted a few weeks, sometimes longer, but we often felt defeated for not sticking to the routine. Okay, I felt defeated. They didn’t seem to harness any guilt over the 300-and-something, unread pages in the book.

Sometimes we would cycle back to a devotional—and wouldn’t you know it—we would often hit the same passages. It was like we had yearly trends for when we were more “devoted” to devotionals. There might be a research project somewhere in there, but I probably don’t need to analyze statistical data to understand the pattern and develop a strategy.

We needed a shorter devotional book—something that lasted a month, or maybe a week. Unfortunately, what we needed wouldn’t be substantial enough for a book. It would be more like a booklet, something you wouldn’t find in a bookstore, but something you could find online.

I developed this 7-day devotional for children, from preschool to elementary age, so your family can set short-term goals and achieve them. This devotional will be part of series of online resources for families, and this verse will remain at the heart of this and future studies:

I have hidden your word in my heart

that I might not sin against you.

PSALM 119:11



Squeaky Doors

On March 19, I started a devotional book, and for a solid month, I had been at my computer, typing happily. I kept on my self-imposed schedule and produced a few devotionals a day. I was happy. I was organized. I was focused.

And then I decided to share my re-entry to the writing world with others. This brought me to social media, which brought me to the blog, which had me thinking about hosting authors on the site again, which then led me to Canva to design graphics for the aforementioned sites, which led me back to Facebook, which, by the magic of pressing a link, brought me here again.

When my “writing world” gets cluttered with distractions, I think of Jane Austen and her portable writing box. When she lived in the Chawton cottage, her biggest distraction was the squeaky door into her bedroom.


I have a multitude of “squeaky doors,” and Google is the key to finding many of them. I also have these cute cats, laundry, birds chirping outside, and the desire to snack even though I am not hungry.

(At the top of the screen, I spot the number of Facebook notifications. I resist the temptation to check them out and decide, instead, on a speedy ending to this blog post.)

At the end of today, my husband will ask, “Did you get a lot of writing done?”

“Yes,” I can answer without fibbing.

After all, I wrote this.