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Favorite Poem #3: “Invitation” by Shel Silverstein

When I was a child, my father gave me Where the Sidwalk Ends. And with every book he gave me, he gave me something quite intangible–a love of reading. On my sixteenth, it was a stack of books. And somewhere along the way, he gifted me the… Continue Reading “Favorite Poem #3: “Invitation” by Shel Silverstein”

Author Events

~AUTHOR EVENTS~ Schools As a former teacher, Kimberly enjoys returning to the classroom as an author. She creates presentations to meet the individual needs of each classroom and schedules author appearances to coincide with the teaching of the novel.     Libraries   Kimberly is… Continue Reading “Author Events”

NBTAM Discussion Guide: Abstinence Education

Counselors, Teachers, Parents, and Youth Group Leaders: Nothing but Trouble after Midnight has been regarded as an excellent tool for broaching abstinence education. Please use the questions below as a springboard for discussions on such pertinent, yet difficult, topics.     NBTAM Discussion Guide: Abstinence Education… Continue Reading “NBTAM Discussion Guide: Abstinence Education”

Easy writing ideas!

Welcome, Teachers! Here is a simple lesson idea for middle/high school students. Have your students read chapter excerpts from Nothing but Trouble after Midnight on this blog, discuss them in your class, and complete these simple prompts: Also, check out the “Teacher” page on the right for… Continue Reading “Easy writing ideas!”