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Weekend with a Writer: Beverly Stowe McClure (Part 1)

Weekend with a Writer is a new monthly feature on this blog, and it is my great pleasure to start off the series with Beverly Stowe McClure. Beverly writes young fiction, and a few weeks ago, we read one another’s novel at the same time.… Continue Reading “Weekend with a Writer: Beverly Stowe McClure (Part 1)”

Free Writing

When I was a teacher, I used to assign freewriting to my students, which is writing freely for a certain amount of time. The point is to get out the words, the thoughts, and overcome writing inhibitions. The technique, oddly enough, encourages students to write and… Continue Reading “Free Writing”

Easy writing ideas!

Welcome, Teachers! Here is a simple lesson idea for middle/high school students. Have your students read chapter excerpts from Nothing but Trouble after Midnight on this blog, discuss them in your class, and complete these simple prompts: Also, check out the “Teacher” page on the right for… Continue Reading “Easy writing ideas!”