From the pre-reading activity to a variety of quizzes, there are ample resources for the teaching of NOTHING BUT TROUBLE AFTER MIDNIGHT.  

FYI: The internet-linked discussion guide offers vocabulary, journal entries, curriculum links, literary terms, discussion questions, and graphic organizers. It is a great companion to teaching the novel. Follow the link to see chapters 1-18; the remaining chapters are in the editing process and will be available shortly.

-DISCUSSION GUIDE- NBTAM Discussion Guide (1-18)
-GRAMMAR You’re the Editor
-PRE-READING ACTIVITY-   Pre-Reading Activity Sweet Dreams lyrics
-PROJECTS-   NBTAM Project Options

NBTAM Project Scoring Rubric

  • Multiple Choice

Reading Quiz MC Chapters 1-14

Reading Quiz MC Chapters 15-21

Reading Quiz MC Chapters 22-33

  • Short Answer

Reading Quiz #1 (Short Answer)

Reading Quiz #2 (Short Answer)

Reading Quiz #3 (Short Answer)

  • Just for Fun

The Know-It-All Quiz

The Know-It-All Quiz (ANSWERS)

-STORY ANALYSIS-   Characters and CharacterizationConflict
-WRITING-    Book Review FormatWriting Workshop–Dialogue

Please contact Kimberly at to submit teaching materials to this page.

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