What’s New!

I will be discussing my novel and the writing process on a live author chat tomorrow night at 9 P.M. (Eastern) on Gather. Follow this link to join the conversation and have a chance to win an autographed copy of Nothing but Trouble after Midnight.

FYI: You can download a free preview of the e-book version on these sites:


Barnes & Noble



What I’m Reading: I just finished Even Now by Karen Kingsbury. She delivers the best in Christian romance and never disappoints.  Right now I am reading Joan Bauer’s Best Food Forward, a sequel to Rules of the Road, and after five chapters, I give it a thumbs up. She is a very prolific YA writer and has just released Close to Famous.


What I’m Writing:

I’m on page 153 of Book #2 (tentatively titled Light after the Storm), and you can read the rough draft of Chapter One here. This week’s writing could be summed up with the following line: “One step forward, two steps back.” And yes, I’m quoting Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract” and showing my age in the process.

Romance novels are often about opposites attracting and what eventually pushes the characters apart—and sometimes what pulls them back together again. Well, I am working on the “pushing apart” scene in the book. And every morning this week, I get up and write the scene, and then the following morning, I read it, delete it, and begin again. It’s a rotten cycle for any writer, and I hope next week goes better.


What Else?

Jonathan Clay has been added to my short list of “Best Music to Listen to While Writing a Romance Novel.” Yes, I need to work on the title of that list, but first I need to make an actual list.

Recently, Jonathan Clay teamed up with Zach Chance to form Jamestown Revival, and you can vote to put them on the front cover of Rolling Stone—making them the first unsigned band ever to be featured!  Click here to vote!


Oh, and don’t forget to enter my giveaway for Lindsey Kelly’s CD. You have the opportunity to win one of three autographed copies.

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